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New Season Of ‘House Of Cards’ Delayed As Spacey Is Thrown Off Show

With immediate effect.

Credit: House of Cards/Netflix

Since joining the list of celebrities accused of sexual misconduct, Spacey has seen his career take quite the dive and Netflix is getting out while they still can.

Actor Kevin Spacey — along with what seems like every other man in show business — is in hot water due to recent allegations against him which brought to the public’s attention an incident that should have been made public three decades ago.

Last month, actor Anthony Rapp publicly recalled an unpleasant experience he’d had with Spacey back in 1986. Rapp said that at a party in Spacey’s NY apartment, an inebriated Spacey physically picked Rapp up and carried him to a bedroom in an attempt to sleep with him. At the time he was only fourteen years old and Spacey was in his late twenties.

After the scandal came out, Netflix had a difficult decision to make about its original series House of Cards. For the show’s first five seasons, Spacey portrayed Frank Underwood, a corrupt politician who started out as a member of the South Carolina Senate and worked his way up to president of the United States. Underwood has been the main protagonist of the show for all five seasons, and the production team was right in the middle of filming the sixth season when the allegations were made public.

The show’s writing team has been working steadily to rewrite the new season now that Netflix has decided they would rather not work with the actor — and who can really blame them? As for the fate of the show, there have been multiple suggestions but there seems to be no definite plan yet. At least not publicly.

Before allegations came out, several ideas for a spin-off series were being considered, but now the writers are considering following the plot of the Michael Dobbs novel on which the series is based by killing off Spacey’s character. This would also mean a bigger role for Frank Underwood’s wife Claire, played by Robin Wright. Though season six was set to premiere in May of 2018, it is now rescheduled until further notice.

Many consider Spacey to be just another name on a list of people who have abused their power and covered it up, however some are pointing out that it’s important to recognize significant social change when it occurs. These men are finally being held accountable for their actions. It may have taken over a century of sexism and corruption but the film industry is finally raising its standards and enforcing something of a zero tolerance policy for sexual predators.

Spacey has lost a large portion of his fan-base for this scandal. Many have been referencing his role in the 1999 film American Beauty in which Spacey plays a sexual predator. Here’s why some people now find Spacey’s Oscar acceptance speech from that year disturbing.

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