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‘New Amsterdam’ Season 5 is Not Coming to Netflix in 2023

New Amsterdam
Image Source: NBCUniversal Television Distribution

While you personally might not watch the series, the popular medical drama series New Amsterdam has become ranked as the most popular series on Netflix. The first two seasons of this show were cast by Ryan Eggold, who quit in January 2023, intending to return in season 5! Let’s get into the speculation behind this.

Because of the massive success of the first two seasons of New Amsterdam, Netflix finally decided to announce a new season. Then he added New Amsterdam seasons 3 & 4 in February 2023. The series is counted as one of the top prime series of this platform. It has also ranked in the top 10 as the most watched and best shows on Netflix.

However, the new fans can’t get into the series because it is tough for them to understand and discover each plot. It will be challenging for them to understand the twist and turns. But if you are an old fan of this series, you are going to be addicted to this. You can closely relate to the twist and turns by reminding the last season. 

The news is that the series ended by breaking all the speculations that there will be no season 6. But the question is when the viewers can expect to watch season 5 on Netflix. However, according to the source, it won’t happen in Feb 2023 because the streamer already announced the complete list of new launches, and season 5 of New Amsterdam is not there.

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On Jan 17, season 5 wrapped up the show by dividing the 2 part series. The season ended by giving hope to the viewers to wait for something more exciting! However, the fans must show more patience to watch the next episodes. If you can’t wait for some more time, you can visit to stream on Peacock, where you can find the complete season.

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