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Netflix’s ‘The Social Dilemma’ is a Real-Life Horror Story

The chilling documentary that everyone is talking about…

Credit: Netflix/The Social Dilemma

Viewers of Netflix’s new docu-drama hybrid that unearths the scary truths behind social media describe it as a ‘real-life horror story.’ 

The Social Dilemma reveals the dark underbelly of social media, and shows tech experts from companies including Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram turning on their own creations. 

Since watching the eye-opening documentary, many disturbed viewers have said that they want to get rid of their phones and delete their social media accounts. 

The Social Dilemma looks into the harmful effects of social media, particularly focusing on its impact on privacy, mental health and the spread of misinformation. It reveals that our every move on social media is being closely monitored and analysed: “What [people] don’t realise is there’s entire teams of engineers whose job is to use your psychology against you.” The documentary has left viewers anxious but also enlightened, in that they are rethinking social media and acknowledging its hidden dangers.

This short clip captures The Social Dilemma’s ominous tone.

Video from Netflix

The documentary explores the “dangerous human impact of social networking.” Likes and followers are increasingly defining worth. Social media distorts reality with fake news, filters, online personas and robot accounts. It is changing who we are and what we believe; subconsciously influencing us all the time with targeted adds and suggested posts and content.

Whether we like to admit it or not, society is inundated by social media. But what started as a positive social tool has become increasingly negative and even manipulative. It takes over hours of our life and controls us far more than we realise. 

The new generation that is growing up in this social media-obsessed world know no different, and levels of depression and anxiety in young people have never been higher.

Although it may be disturbing, perhaps The Social Dilemma is the catalyst that we need to make a positive change to the way we use and interact with social media. Viewers are encouraging others to watch the ‘mind-blowing’ documentary, though with a warning that for some it may be a little too much to handle.

For more social media speculation check out: The Rise of The Instagram Influencer: Are You Under The Influence?

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