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Netflix’s ‘Flint Town’ Sheds Light On Crime And Crises

Not so glamorous.

Credit Netflix

Netflix hasn’t released a whammy of a documentary in quite some time. By March 2nd, however, that will absolutely change.

Flint Town is heading to screens and with it the harrowing story of a city in crisis. The documentary explores the dilemma Flint, Michigan faces amidst its rampant crime and water toxicity. Dubbed one of America’s most violent cities, Flint has only 98 police officers to protect a city of 100,000 citizens.

Take a look at the thrilling trailer below; it’s only 2 minutes long but will leave you wanting so much more (warning NSFW):

Perhaps most sad about Flint’s predicament and constant state of emergency is the city’s fall from grace. What used to be an up and coming town of middle-class families and GM headquarters quickly turned to a city ridden with criminals and disaster.

Told from the perspective of Flint’s police officers, Flint Town will offer insight to Flint’s downfall and what those in power are doing in attempt to fix the broken city.

This doc not for you? How about this one called Voyeur?

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