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Netflix Tudum 2022: How to Watch the Event This Weekend

Netflix Tudum 2022,Netflix Tudum 2022 Netflix, Netflix Tudum 2022 event
Image Credit: Netflix

This weekend will be an eventful one for Netflix subscribers. This year, the second Tudum Convention is taking place on Saturday, and viewers can expect to see new clips and exciting reveals about current Netflix series and movies.

The 24-hour event will bring fans the scoop on over 120 fan-favorite shows and movies, including Bridgerton, Shadow and Bone, Emily in Paris, Outer Banks, Wednesday, Manifest, Heartstopper, You, The Witcher, and more!

You’ll never know what could be coming this weekend in entertainment because all we know is that fans will want to follow it. How can we keep up with the event at home, though?

Where to watch Tudum 2022

Many events, such as San Diego Comic-Con and D23, are exclusively in-person, so you’ll only be able to watch select presentations online. Tudum is an online event, so all the presentations will be available to watch online.

This Saturday, fans across the globe will be able to head to Netflix’s official YouTube account to watch the event online, with the event set to be made available in 29 languages worldwide!

Do you have to pay for Tudum?

Tudum is a free event available to everyone on Netflix. No need to buy or watch; you can curl up and enjoy the concert from the comfort of your own home!

For further updates, please stay tuned with us.

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