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Netflix Revamps ‘Viewership’ Formula: What Now Tops Their All-Time Top 10 List?

In a move to provide more transparency and accuracy in measuring viewership, Netflix has revamped its ‘viewership’ formula


Netflix‘s decision to alter how it builds its in-house Top 10 lists reflects a desire to provide a more relatable metric for viewers and the industry. Previously, the streaming giant only provided hours viewed on its Top 10 lists, which proved difficult to contextualize. In response to feedback, Netflix began sharing the views for a significant number of titles, calculating the number of hours viewed divided by the total run time.

This new metric has been found to be more relatable for many people, leading Netflix to change the ranking criteria for its Top 10 lists. While hours viewed per title will still be shown, the lists will now be ranked based on views. Additionally, the qualifying time for the most popular lists has been extended from one month to three months, recognizing that many shows and films experience significant growth over time.

Under this updated methodology, the TV series Wednesday has emerged as Netflix’s most popular English title, with 252.1 million “views” of its 6.8-hour first season. It surpasses Stranger Things Season 4, which had 140.7 million “views” but boasts 7% more total hours viewed.

Other titles in the Top 10 English list include DAHMER, Bridgerton Season 1, The Queen’s Gambit, The Night Agent, Stranger Things Season 3, Bridgerton Season 2, The Witcher Season 1, and The Watcher Season 1.

In the non-English category, the South Korean action thriller Squid Game takes the top spot with 265 million “views,” followed by Money Heist with 106 million views.

Netflix’s evolution in measuring viewership reflects its ongoing efforts to refine its metrics and provide a clearer picture of content popularity. The streaming service has adapted its approach over the years, moving from measuring member accounts that watched at least two minutes of a title to reporting total hours watched by all member accounts for new originals since October 2021. These changes aim to offer a more comprehensive understanding of audience engagement with Netflix’s content catalog.

Netflix’s continuous evolution in measuring viewership is a testament to its commitment to transparency and adapting to audience preferences. By introducing a more relatable metric for its Top 10 lists, the streaming platform aims to provide viewers and the industry with a clearer understanding of the popularity of its titles.

The previous reliance on hours viewed alone often lacked context, making it challenging for viewers to gauge the true popularity of a particular show or movie. The new approach, which calculates views by dividing the number of hours viewed by the total run time, offers a more meaningful measure. This change allows viewers to better compare the relative popularity of different titles and understand their appeal.

In addition to ranking the Top 10 lists based on views, Netflix has extended the qualifying time for these lists from one month to three months. This adjustment acknowledges that many shows and films experience significant growth and engagement over a longer period. By considering a broader timeframe, Netflix can showcase the enduring popularity of certain titles that continue to attract viewers over several months.

The updated Top 10 lists reveal intriguing insights into viewer preferences. While the English TV series Wednesday claimed the top spot, surpassing the highly popular Stranger Things Season 4 in terms of views, Stranger Things maintains an edge in total hours viewed. This distinction highlights the importance of considering both metrics to gain a comprehensive understanding of a title’s performance.

Meanwhile, Squid Game, the South Korean action thriller, solidifies its position as Netflix’s most popular title overall. Its staggering 265 million views underscore its global appeal and captivating storytelling. Money Heist follows closely behind, showcasing the growing popularity of non-English content on the platform.

Netflix’s commitment to refining its viewership metrics reflects its dedication to providing viewers and industry professionals with accurate and relevant data. By continuously adapting and improving its measurement techniques, Netflix aims to offer a more comprehensive view of audience engagement and the success of its content. This transparency benefits viewers who can make more informed viewing decisions and creators who can better understand the impact of their work.

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