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Netflix Release Gripping Documentary About The Oklahoma City Bombing

Pretty scary stuff…

Pretty scary stuff...
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Netflix have released a stunning new documentary; ‘Oklahoma City’.

The documentary focuses directly on the worst act of terrorism in the history of the United States. On 19th April 1995, a man named Timothy McVeigh drove a five-ton fertiliser bomb in his truck and parked it in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City. The truck subsequently killed 168 people and left 675 injured.

McVeigh’s character is closely examined by Barak Goodman, whose documentary highlights just exactly what happened in this tragic event. McVeigh is portrayed as “the product of a far-right subculture that looked on the U.S. federal government as one of the most dangerous forces on the face of the Earth”.

Have a look at the stunning trailer:

Pretty intense. If previous Netflix documentaries are anything to go by, this one certainly won’t disappoint.

The country really is in a fragile state at the minute, and the world can only hope that nothing like this ever transpires again, regardless of how much terror there is out there.

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