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Netflix Has Recently Approved A Second Season Of David Fincher’s Hit Show ‘Mindhunter’

Best. News. Ever.

Credit: Netflix

Considering the skyrocketing death rate in Hollywood over the last two years, it makes perfect sense that David Fincher’s series Mindhunter — about serial killers in the seventies — would get approved for another season, but Fincher’s plans could take the show up to five.

Creator of House of Cards, and director of such films as: Seven, Fight Club, Gone Girl, Zodiac and many other psychological thriller cult classics, David Fincher has his word cut out for him as one of the modern masters of suspense. After this many successful shows and films, it seems pretty obvious that Fincher has earned his license to experiment and do whatever he needs to make masterpieces.

It should come as no surprise that his most recent creative endeavor, the Netflix original series Mindhunter, is up for another season, but Fincher is already planning out the show’s entire run, aiming for five seasons total.

It should also come as no surprise that Netflix was more than willing to bring the show back for another season after the success of Fincher’s popular show House of Cards. When you have enough popular titles on your resume, production companies will practically throw money at you.

Check out the trailer for Mindhunter season two here.

Looks pretty intense, right? They say people who are fascinated by serial killers are usually better conversationalists (how ironic that I’m running out of things to say here), so get ready to start obsessing over the latest crime-drama to hit the screen, because I have a feeling this is going to be the country’s next big obsession for the next five years. Maybe longer if we have another wave of celebrity deaths.

Join agents Bill Trench and Holden Ford in their journey to the center of the most dangerous criminal minds of the late seventies. No release date has been made public yet. The announcement of a second season only came out about a week ago, but if anyone knows how to build suspense, it’s Fincher.

Looks like season two of Mindhunter will be coming out in the wake of Charles Manson’s death. Seems fitting for a show about serial killers in the seventies.

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