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Neil Blomkamp’s Experimental Studio’s First Short Film Is Everything You Want For The End Of The World

Now I want to open up an experimental film company…

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Everyone has their own predictions for how the world might end, some more tragic and wildly more creative than others.

Neil Blomkamp is a director with exactly that borderline insane imagination that we’d all look for in a classic sci-fi or dystopian. He’s well-known for his work on District 9 (2009), Elysium (2013), and Chappie (2015). Now, he’s moved on to smaller, yet bigger things.

Blomkamp is the mastermind behind the new experimental film company called Oats Studios. He’s been working on a couple of short film projects, but one film stands out among them all. It’s not only mind-blowing but also, pretty likely to happen. Obviously.

“Rakka” is Blomkamp’s 20 minute short film about the aftermath on Earth after a hostile alien takeover by a species called the Klum. They’ve not only taken over the planet, but have also groomed it to their own liking, such as implanting gigantic methane structures so they can breathe. The Klum possess the powers of telekinesis and mind control, a clear disadvantage for us humans. They not only enslave the human race, but also torture and perform unimaginable experiments on us.

Don’t lose hope yet. There is a human resistance and they’re using all of their now limited resources to take back the planet. The Klum, however, make having high hopes pretty useless, especially when they cover all of our symbols and monuments in blood and human remains.

Sound gruesome yet? Check the full movie out here:

Blomkamp’s mind is a very mysterious place, but that’s a good thing for us dystopian fans. What’s even better is that he has three more 20 minute movies lined up and they are set to be released within the upcoming weeks. Blomkamp claims that the other movies are not as intense as Rakka and have completely different story styles. But, ugh, it’s hard to wait for more.

Blomkamp will introduce a second volume to pair with the first set of movies, given that these pilots are successful. So stay tuned, you may be in for a real treat.

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