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Mysterious Burning Skier Footage Tracked Down From Malcolm in the Middle

The footage which was thought to be lost, has been recently discovered.

Credit: YouTube/Kid Leaves Stoop

The footage which was thought to be lost, has been recently discovered.

If you have ever watched a sitcom in the nineties, chances are you’ve watched the intro of Malcolm in the Middle. With Rock music, and people doing dumb things, the intro was every kid’s favorite. However, there was a certain clip that captivated the audience’s attention. 

The clip was a man on fire, skiing down a cliff face. Which, to anyone normal is absolutely insane. The clip was believed to of been lost footage from around the time Malcolm in the Middle came out, however, the mystery has recently been solved. After 20 years of looking, has been revealed to be lost footage from “the color of sports” an old tv-based program centered around different sports. 

I can practically hear Malcolm in the Middle fans jumping for glee, especially if you are a fan of the movie. If you want to watch the full video, with an in-depth explanation of how the footage was found, you can watch it below.

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