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Marilyn Monroe Actually Had Brown Curly Hair and Used to Dye it Blonde

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Marilyn Monroe is a famous old American actress who everyone has heard of.

Monroe’s life has always been in the limelight, but few people know about her back story and even fewer about the person she was before becoming famous.

However, over time we learned about Marilyn Monroe’s life before she was known as Marilyn Monroe when she went by Norma Jeane Mortenson. One of the facts revealed is her natural hair color and why she changed it.

What was Marilyn Monroe’s natural hair color?

Rumor has it that she dyed her hair to test the waters with blond hair, but according to photo evidence of Monroe as a young adult, she was born with brown curly hair.

Why did Marilyn Monroe dye her hair blonde?

Before she became a celebrity, she looked up to other stars and admired the late American actress Jean Harlow.

Monroe wanted to be famous, so she dyed her hair. But, the modeling agency where she knew she would work encouraged her to dye her hair.

“Look, darling,” the head of Emmeline Snively reportedly said to Marilyn Monroe at the time. “If you really intend to go places in this business, you’ve just got to bleach and straighten your hair, because now your face is a little too round and a hair job will lengthen it.”

Therefore, Monroe took the advice and never went back. She even went so far as to permanently remove her widow’s peak to avoid exposing her brown hair.

Marilyn Monroe risked her career by being cast in blonde hair, but it was a success, and she will be remembered in the same way as Jean Harlow.

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