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Magician Dynamo Slips Past Mexico/US Border For New Show

Dynamo’s magic crosses borders!

David Copperfield, David Blane and Dynamo (why do they all begin with ‘d’?). Some of the most famous names in magic have pulled off incredible stunts. However, Dynamo’s latest stunt is sure to get under ol’ Donald Trump’s nose (again, beginning with ‘d’).

In a recent video, Dynamo is seen slipping between an impossibly small gap in order to cross the much talked about the Mexican border. It’s claimed that this video was captured by an unsuspecting member of the public as they were strolling along the border. As you do. 

Check out the video.

Credit: Sky One Twitter

Seems legit right?

Of course, we know there has to be some trickery going on here. Either there’s some forced perspective, the gap has been widened or Dynamo’s been on one wicked diet.

Or he could actually be magic… who am I to judge?

So this was all for his new Sky One show, ‘Dynamo: Beyond Belief‘ in which he performs more “astonishing” tricks. The show began airing April 9th. Although he claims that this has been one of his most nerve-racking yet:

“It’s probably the riskiest piece of magic I’ve ever performed. It took me three years of planning to achieve this and I’m just happy me and my team came back safe and unharmed.”

So are we Dynamo, so are we.

In other unbelievably sensationalist media, Netflix’s darling ‘Tiger King’ might be getting some more episodes!

Featured Image Credit: Sky One/NOW TV

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