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Love Island Australia Hugely Supersedes UK Version

Drama. Packed.

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For those not tuned into British reality television, Love Island is the show to watch. A mix between Big Brother and The Bachelor, Love Island involves contestants that must couple up with another person to stay on the show. The couple that stays together by the end of the season wins £50,000. Plot twist, the contestants live on an isolated island. Sounds juicy.

While this show sounds intriguing, apparently it’s a complete snooze compared to the Australian version of the show. The UK season 4 shenanigans of Eyal, Megan, Alex, and Zara are just not enough to keep Australia entertained. So Australians made their own Love Island. And it is wild.

The Aussies are in Mallorca alongside the Brits filming their show. We do have to wonder why both shows are taking place on the same island? But never mind, back to the drama.

The Australian Love Island episode from June 17th was one for the record books. But showing is better than telling; so take a look at the insane footage below:

Unsurprisingly, the action was enough to grab the attention of UK viewers too. Many fans of the show chimed in on Twitter to express their enthusiasm.

What if the Aussies and Brits simply merged their villas and had one mega Love Island episode? Would make for quite the “friendly” competition. Sorry, US, for now you’ll just have to stick to Jersey Shore reboots and Real Housewives hilarity.

But perhaps nothing is more cringeworthy than this reality show, Love at First Kiss

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