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‘Love Is Blind’ Returns: Here Are All of the Show’s Controversies

There have been already been quite a few.

CREDIT: Netflix/YouTube

Love is Blind took the pandemic by storm when it first appeared on our screens in early 2020, but as with many new Netflix originals, it hasn’t come without criticism.

Whilst I’m sure we’ve all tried to block it from our memory, cast your mind back to Lockdown 1… the release of super binge-worthy-tv and quite frankly nothing else to do except watch tv. Ah, the golden days of doing nothing! Love is Blind was one of the shows we found ourselves enthralled by, with many soaking in the drama in one popcorn-induced sitting.

Jump back to the present: it’s 2022, we’ve had three seasons of the show (two this year alone) and have been told of the news that at least another two series will be happening. The possibilities of finding love in hexagonal pods are endless and so too are the opportunities for drama and controversial happenings. No shock there, Netflix.

We may be only 4 episodes into the current release, but there have already been some moments taking social media by storm. Here is a definitive list of every inch of drama we’ve seen from Love Is Blind over the last three years:

Season 1

Jessica Batten

The now happily-married dog mom was once a real pot stirrer when she entered into the OG pods of Love Is Blind Season 1. Despite saying yes to Mark Cuevas’ engagement proposal and entering the real world together, Jessica’s heart had been left in the studio and was attached to Barnett. All hell broke loose when she then decided to make her feelings very clear, even though Barnett was engaged (and now married) to Amber. The show’s first-ever love triangle!

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers

Aside from Giannina’s awkward explanation that she didn’t feel quite as amazing of a spark during sex as Damian did, the pair seemed to be going from strength to strength. That was until Damian made the ultimate power move to say no at the alter – cue Giannina running away and sliding down a hill in her stunning white dress. Despite all of that drama, the pair stayed together after the show, finally splitting up after the explosive Love Is Blind: After The Alter special saw Damian enter with fellow Netflix alum, Too Hot To Handle’s Francesca Farago. They really did provide some piping-hot tea.

Season 2

Shake Chatterjee

The villain of the season managed to cause quite a lot of outrage in response to his questionable actions, and there certainly were a lot of them. After questioning her on her weight and appearance, missing the whole point of the blind experiment, Shake proposed to the people’s princess, Deepti. Luckily for her, she seemed to have dodged a bullet when she said “I don’t” at the wedding. Shake’s many misogynistic comments proved that he was better off alone, although he now seems to have found someone who will put up with all of his talk, even making a Love Is Blurry podcast after his infamous phrase so he could talk some more.

Shayne and Shaina

As close as their names are, the couples decided not to leave the pods together, with Shayne proposing to Natalie and Shaina leaving with Kyle. It’s safe to say neither relationship proved fruitful, but the tension between the two Sha’s could have quite easily been cut with a knife. Shaina is now happily involved with her new husband, with Shayne still rearing his head every now and again. Looks like they can’t keep away from each other.

Last Couple Standing… Anyone?

Season 2 saw two couples make it down the aisle and, most importantly, walk back down it hand in hand. Jarrett, Iyanna, Danielle, and Nick got married at the end of the process, only to get divorced a year later. So after two complete seasons, we only have two remaining couples, both of whom are from season 1. Fingers crossed, season 3 proves that love is actually blind, otherwise, we might have to boycott the whole process.

Season 3

We may only be four episodes into the newest instalment of the franchise, but there are still a handful of dramatic moments that are worth a mention…

Raven’s Jumping Jacks

Whilst Bartise was sitting pouring his heart out to a colored wall, on the other side was Pilates instructor Raven, who decided to take the opportunity to get her daily dose of arrogant exercising in. These two might not be the most compatible, although Bartise hasn’t hidden that he finds her attractive from his current-fiancée Nancy. Maybe Raven could teach the pair how to release tension through a downward dog?

Andrew’s Dry Spell

Andrew looked as if he was preparing himself for an Oscar award, but luckily for us, the show’s producers weren’t going to let lies obscure the truth. Speaking on his undying love for Nancy (think Romeo and Juliet-level of starcrossed lovers) he thought it was the prime time to induce some tears through a handy bottle of eyedrops he just conveniently had in his trouser pocket. Thank the Netflix gods for showing us all his method acting skills.

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