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Louis Theroux Wants To Shoot Revealing Scientology Film

Good luck getting an interview with Tom Cruise.

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Looking for in-depth perspectives into some of the world’s most controversial subjects? Look no further than Louis Theroux. The award-winning documentary maker has captured hundreds of scenes from the strangest places. And it doesn’t appear that his career is slowing down anytime soon. Take a look at what he has up his sleeve next.

Louis Theroux’s documentary style is unique, and that is perhaps what makes his projects so memorable. Theroux enjoys studying subcultures of the human population – especially those that are relatively secretive or scandalous. This can range from Ku Klux Klan members to polygamists to porn stars. When filming, Theroux completely emerges himself into said subgroup in order to shoot the most extensive look at his subjects. You name the group, Theroux wants to learn about it.

The British filmmaker’s most recent project, Altered States, premiered on BBC Two. The documentary reveals how modern America experiences birth, love, and death. But before the show even hit screens, fans were already clambering to know his next endeavor. At a recent Q&A, Theroux revealed what he hopes to undertake next:

“I would like to get back to doing some celebrity profiling, reinventing the When Louis Met… series.

If it was a dream list, it would probably be Tom Cruise.

I was thinking about this. You’d have to get full access to him in his Scientology mode. You would want to follow him when he’s with David Miscavige, the head of Scientology.

You know, he’s now got a little apartment in Clearwater, Florida. Him doing his superpower training, Scientology drills, it would be amazing.”

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Louis Theroux actually already has an entire documentary dedicated to the subject, My Scientology Movie. In 2016, Theroux released the film, which centers around him trying to gain access to the highly controversial and secretive Church. The Church denounced the film and put Theroux and his team under surveillance. Looks like Theroux is taking another stab at the topic. Tom Cruise, who rarely does interviews anyway, is unlikely to take happily to Theroux’s rather confrontational directing style. Godspeed!

Or will Theroux’s next documentary be about Trump?

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