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Louis Theroux Meets With New Westboro Baptist Church Member Who Joined Because He Was Single

Westboro Baptist Church has a new member, but he joined for more than just a religious experience.

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Louis Theroux’s famous documentary The Most Hated Family in America gained immense popularity after looking at Westboro Baptist Church. The extremist organization praises itself for its sexist, racist, and homophobic beliefs.

Louis Returns for Another Follow-Up

After the success of his follow-up America’s Most Hated Family in Crisis, Louis has announced he will be making another. The third documentary will be titled titled Louis Theroux: Surviving America’s Most Hated Family. Returning yet again to the church, Louis will be looking for what has changed since his last visit in 2011. Following the death of founder Fred Phelps, some major changes are bound to have occured.

A New Member

Having lost many followers, the Church is still standing and spreading hate, as well as receiving the occasional new member. Steven Holroyd is one of these new members, and will be interviewed by Louis. Former postman from Bradford, the new British follower followed his dream of joining the church. Apparently screaming at people on the streets with picket signs is pretty enticing for some. Watching Louis’s documentary, Holroyd claims to have been religiously moved. Losing his virginity was just another reason for joining. The new follower explains, “I saw myself as single for life until I watched your documentary and the Jeremy Kyle Show about the church and I was very impressed with the Bible verses.”

The once single and virgin man found his calling, and is now husband of the founder’s granddaughter, Jael Phelps. He was also eager to leave the UK, saying, “God hates the UK” and “Things don’t look good for people in the UK. People hate each other. It’s a divided society between the false religion of Muslims and everyone else.” Now that he is a reborn man thriving on hate, he has changed his name to Matthias. 

Left in Anticipation

We can only hope that Louis’s new film will serve as a stepping stone to bringing down the Westboro Baptist Church. While I know I’ll be angry to see what the church has been up to, I’m intrigued by this new documentary. 

Looking forward to the documentary, too? Check out more info about Louis Theroux’s return to the Westboro Baptist Church.

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