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Is Netflix’s ‘Devil in Ohio’ Based on a True Story?

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Image Credit: Netflix

Devil in Ohio a new thriller series will be premiering on Netflix in September, and the poster art looks appropriately scary. Devil in Ohio consists of eight episodes, and the trailer seems pretty intriguing.

Netflix generally does a good job with its thriller/horror series.

This horror series is based on the best-selling novel which is written by Daria Polatin, and the story is said to be inspired by true events that happened in Ohio. Daria Polatin is also the executive producer and showrunner for the Netflix series.

The series focuses on Suzanne Mathis, a hospital psychiatrist who takes in a teenage girl who has escaped from a nearby cult. Emily Deschanel appears as Suzanne, Madeline Arthur is the mysterious Mae, Sam Jaeger is Suzanne’s husband Peter, Alisha Newton, Naomi Tan, and Xaria Dotson is Mathis’s daughter.

As we know, series or film adaptations of novels often differ drastically, and never having read the book, it’s impossible to tell from the trailer how true to the original story the Netflix series is.

Trailer breakdown for Netflix series Devil in Ohio

Although the brief trailer does not tell us a lot about the series, those men are pretty intimidating, right? The first man Suzanne approaches is very friendly and pleasant until she asks him about the Dodd family, then he suddenly becomes menacing, telling her to go home.

All eight episodes of the horror series will be available on Netflix beginning September 2.

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