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Is ‘Firefly Lane’ Actress Katherine Heigl (Tully Hart) Really a Brunette?

Firefly Lane season 2, Firefly LaneFirefly Lane season 2 release date,
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Firefly Lane is a kind of drama show to stream on Netflix right now. It portrays the story of two best friends who become inseparable after meeting each other in their teens and continue to remain that way in their 40s. It is based on the book of the same name by Kristin Hannah.

If you are a Heigl fan, you might know she has been blonde forever, and now you might be shocked to see her rocking her brunette locks in Firefly Lane. Her roles include Lizzie Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy and Jane Nichols in 27 Dresses. So the question arises did she dye her brunette hair for the role of Tully?

To answer the question, Heigl appeared on a talk show confirming and promoting the second season of Firefly Lane, where she mentioned she changed her hair color to “honor the book the show is based on and keep it as true to the story as possible”. It was a matter to maintain the authenticity of the character.

The 44-year-old American actress Katherine Heigl plays Tully Hart, and Sarah Chalke plays Kate Mularkey. The show covers over thirty years of exploring the start of the friendship of Tully and Kate in their teenage up to their middle-age years. They have a rollercoaster of a relationship as friends being the exact opposites they still find their way back to each other. They have solved every issue their way, so it’s hard to speculate what we will see in the show’s final season.

The show will premiere on 2nd December 2022 on Netflix.

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