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In What Episode of ‘Sword Art Online’ Does Asuna Die? [Spoilers]

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Sword Art Online is a multiplayer online role-playing game in virtual space that’s supposed to be published in 2022. Players can interact with and manipulate their in-game personalities using a headgear that activates their sensory experiences through the brain.

Akihiko Kayaba is the author of both the video game and the NerveGear. Ten thousand players enter SAO’s mainframe cyberspace for the initial time on 6th November, but they soon learn that they cannot withdraw. To be set free, Kayaba, who emerges, instructs the participants that they must win all 100 levels of the steel castle called Aincrad, which are the game’s backdrop.

In what Episode does Asuna Die?

Her death is somehow dodged. Her guild’s leader, Kayaba, who was shown to be the attacker, did stab her. However, after being convinced by Asuna and Kirito’s determination to live, Kayaba later reversed the effects of her death.

After Kirito slays Kayaba, Kayaba guarantees that Asuna and Kirito will not suffer a fatal injury. The game, in his opinion, had been won by the two of them.

Before Kayaba’s suicide, they had a short, sentimental discussion. Since losing in the game would put so many lives in danger, it would not be wise if Kayaba did not put his life in danger.

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