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‘I Just Killed My Dad’: Cast, Plot, and Is Netflix’s Show Based on a True Story?

Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix has a massive collection of content that is based on true events. But is ‘I Just Killed My Dad’ one of those true stories?

Families all around the world have plenty of secrets. Some of them involve abuse or even murder. These cases are eventually turned into a documentary or a movie. The title ‘I just killed my dad’ gives us a similar vibe.

The type of release can hint a lot. I Just Killed My Dad is going to be a documentary. This confirms that this is indeed a true story.

As the title suggests, it involves a child who just killed his father. That child is Anthony Templet. At the age of 17, he shot his father. He says that it was an act of self-defense. When the two ended up in a fight, Anthony eventually ran towards his father’s room, fetched his father’s gun, and shot the man.

But things were not that simple. It turns out that Anthony’s family was unaware that the boy was still alive. Anthony’s father, Burt, had kidnapped the boy, and the family hadn’t heard from them since then. It has been more than ten years. Even Anthony’s sister had no idea about this. She shared that Anthony had been abused by his father since he was a baby.

The main focus of this story is on Anthony and the way he dealt with this ridiculous situation, according to Entertainment Weekly. This documentary is going to focus more on the accusations against Burt rather than the aftermath. Anthony was found guilty of killing his father, but there was some leniency since there existed some proof of the abusive nature of Burt.

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