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How Much Does It Cost to Be Emily From ‘Emily in Paris’ for a Day?

Emily Cooper is living a dream life of “petit plaisir”- a little luxury.

Lily Collins stars as Emily Cooper in Emily in Paris (2020). Credit: Stephanie Branchu/Netflix

Emily’s lifestyle is more than modest as a girl who’s both high maintenance and lives in “The City of Light”. Paris and Parisians are known for their luxurious life of glamour and fashion, so how much does Emily Cooper spend in Paris?

Emily (played by Lily Collins) is brought to Paris for work, which implies that her income is enough to afford such a fancy lifestyle. In Season 1 of Emily in Paris, she is a brand manager at Savoir. Emily’s goal is to be promoted to a senior brand manager, thus elevating her income.

According to Glassdoor, the current salary for a brand manager employed in Paris ranges from €41,000 to €75,000. Emily’s job at Savoir caters to wealthy clients, so she is most likely earning the higher end of the scale- €75,000 or roughly $82,000 a year.

Emily in Paris
Emily in Paris (2020). Credit: Stephanie Branchu/Netflix

It wouldn’t be difficult for Emily to attain sponsorships or brand deals from high-end brands. These gigs would benefit her in making additional earnings as a content creator. On average, online content creators in Paris make €32,000 to €45,000, which is about $35,000 to $49,000 in US currency.

Emily’s a businesswoman with a side hustle: creating content. As an influencer, she has gained over 25,000 followers in just a few days. Throughout her work days in Paris, Emily vlogs her whereabouts, and French travels, drawing attention from people online. Emily uses her experience in marketing to catch the attention of luxury brands like Durée (based on Dior).

In total, Emily’s revenue for a year sums up to a hefty $130,000, which is sensible for a luxurious life in France. But as far as her earnings go, Emily spends a significant amount on her hair, wardrobe and clothes-in addition to fine dining and skin care. Here’s the breakdown of how much the marketer spends in a day to make ends meet.

Emily invests in a gorgeous chambre de bonne apartment 

Emily Cooper posing in front of her lavish apartment view. Credit: Stephanie Branchu/Netflix

One of our first glances into Emily’s life in Paris is her beautiful fifth-floor walk-up located in the Place de l’Estrapade. The Parisian neighbourhood is known for its location near the Seine River and old-fashioned cafes. Her fully furnished apartment is not on the fourth floor but the fifth, exuding luxury.

A place like Emily’s costs about $1,662 a month for rent. Her apartment comes with Internet, which is convenient for a content creator. However, as a tenant, she is responsible for electricity and gas. Housing Anywhere estimates the average cost per month for electricity in France to be €79 ($86). In France, gas is about €70, or $77.

While the apartment does provide Internet, Emily still has to get a French phone in order to post on social media whenever she wants. A tourist living in France would need a budget of €20 or $22 a month for a brand-new phone plan. If you add all that up, Emily’s total cost of her Parisian home and phone comes out to be $1,847 a month.

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