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Horror Classics: 5 Vintage Horror Films You Should Binge-Watch Halloween

13 Ghosts is a classic supernatural film that’ll give you goosebumps

Halloween Horror
Rotten Tomatoes/Columbia Pictures/13 Ghosts

Trick or treat? Give me something good to eat! Halloween, short for All Hallows’ Eve, is slowly approaching. Since 1745, Halloween has played a significant role in pagan festivals, such as celebrating and remembering the dead.

Moreover, spending time with your family or friends watching classic horror films is a great way to honor the spirit of the dead. Most of the actors and actresses who starred in these vintage horror films below are no longer walking amongst the living, but their spirit lives forever through the television screen.

1. The Mummy (1932)

Credit: YouTube/Fear: The Home of Horror

This supernatural horror is based in ancient Egypt. Notable actor Boris Karloff stars as Imhotep and Ardeth Bey. After archaeologists discover the mummy of ancient Egyptian prince Imhotep, chaos erupts, and Imhotep is awakened. Throughout the film, Imhotep disguises himself as a modern Egyptian Ardeth Bey.

Credit: Twitter/Ricardo Hirooka

Imhotep went to great lengths to be reunited with the ancient Egyptian princess Ankhesenamun, the love of his life. The top scientists and archaeologists often find hidden ancient Egyptian mummies and artifacts. What if they awaken an angry ancient prince like Imhotep? I think we all can agree that it’ll be an extremely horrifying sight to see!

Credit: The Mummy/Universal Pictures/Rotten Tomatoes

2. Invasion of The Body Snatchers (1956)

Credit: The Invasion of The Body Snatchers/Walter Wanger Productions/Rotten Tomatoes

The ultimate scientific horror. The Invasion of The Body Snatchers will make you double-check the locks on your door before you go to bed! For instance, Dr. Miles Bennell, portrayed by Kevin McCarthy,  began to notice his patients’ continuous change in behavior, causing him to be more guarded and protective.

Credit: TikTok/Singermaam Moviemom

Once Bennell discovered that aliens, or so to say, human replicas grown from pods, were invading the town, he made it his mission to rescue as many people as he could! Imagine an emotionless replica of yourself growing in your backyard! That’ll surely blow your mind!

Credit: YouTube/RerunZone

3. 13 Ghosts (1960)

Credit: 13 Ghosts/Columbia Pictures/Rotten Tomatoes

13 Ghosts is a classic supernatural horror film that’ll give you goosebumps! In this film,  a poverty-stricken Zorbra’s family inherits a haunted mansion consumed with ghosts! Thanks to their custom-made goggles, the Zobra family had the power to see through the veil.

Credit: YouTube/HD Retro Trailers

Nonetheless, greed overruled the fear of death. After discovering that there’s a hidden treasure in the ghost-infested mansion, the Zobra family made it their mission to search for the treasure to ensure that they’ll never have to face poverty again.

Credit: Twitter/StartsTodayFans

4. Psycho (1960)

Credit: YouTube/Damontager

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, this terrifying psychological horror will make you think twice about staying at your local motel. Anthony Perkins stars as Norman Bates, a troubled man consumed with guilt. In Psycho, Bates preserves his mother’s corpse, even dressing as her to cope with his guilt of murdering her.

Credit: TikTok/The Horrorific Lair

Bates’s split personality disorder enables him to portray his mother subconsciously, such as murdering any woman he finds attractive to “appease his mother.” One of those women was Marion Crane, portrayed by Janet Leigh. After embezzling $40,000 from her boss, Crane needed a place to escape. When she stumbled upon the Bates Motel, her fate was sealed.

Credit: Psycho/Universal Pictures/Rotten Tomatoes

5. Society (1989)

Credit: Twitter/Aaron Brown

What did I just watch? This is exactly what you’d ask yourself once you’ve watched Society from the beginning to the end. Without a doubt, this 80’s cult classic horror will make you side-eye celebrities, influencers, public officials, and other social elite groups.

Credit: Wild Street Pictures/Society/Rotten Tomatoes

Bill Whitney, portrayed by Billy Warlock, is a typical teenager from Beverly Hills who follows the beat of his own drums. But his sister and parents are a part of a secret society that endorses “impeccable breeding.” When Whitney discovered the truth about Beverly Hills’ upper class, his world turned upside down, causing his mind to play tricks on him!

Credit: YouTube/Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers

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