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Guess What…’Westworld’ Is Not The Only World

Westworld site hints 6 different parks.

Credits: HBO

The new season comes with many surprises, and one was already out last season “A possible new world”.

And this world features Samurais…

But who says it cannot be more than one but several?

Nevertheless, someone in Reddit found the response by checking this site:a travel site displaying other parks.

However, Delos Destinations only allows you to see Westworld so far, but it shows other five that are not available yet!

Hence, this means that there are likely to be other five parks, and Samurai World may be one of them.

Maybe the showrunners will decide to put Roman World and Medieval world featured in the original film.

Image result for roman world westworld film
Credit: Westworld (1973). Warner Bros. Entertainment

But we aren’t sure so far, because of this past article.

Finally, hopefully, the new worlds are going to be as exciting as the Westworld, and our main characters will get to interact with different-looking androids.

A lot of androids will perish looking for freedom in this new season, but what about the real ones?

An AI killed itself last year, and you can CHECK why the robot had this fate.  

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