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‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2: Release Date, Official Trailer, Where to Watch, and More

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Image Credit: HBO Max

The gossip Girl reboot is an elongation and a standalone sequence to The CW series of the same name – an American teen drama created by Joshua Safran for HBO Max. The reboot show made its debut on July 8, 2021, and received mixed reviews from the fans. It stands with an average rating of 4.90/10.

This new plotline is set almost a decade after the culmination of the authentic sequence. We were introduced to new actors of Manhattan private schoolers taking charge under the attentive gaze of Gossip Girl while ascertaining how much the social media and the terrain of New York City have transformed in the intervening years. A plus point noted in the cast was that it is also more eclectic, with non-white headliners and LGBT personalities.

The show’s first season concluded with twelve episodes on December 2, 2021, and it was renewed for another run by HBO Max on September 9, 2021. A face that will be returning on screen is Grace Duah, who has been publicized to series regular for the upcoming season.

As per recent updates, the second season is scheduled to hit the screens on December 1, 2022. Its filming commenced on February 4, 2022, in New York City.

The show is also shot in Rome, Italy. Only time will tell, but we assume this subplot may elevate and destabilize the UES. The upcoming season has a climate reminiscent of the original masterpiece and is said to be greater, faster, and meaner.

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