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Get Ready For “Human Traffic 2”

They’re getting the gang back together!

Image Via: Fact Magazine

Remember that cult classic that came out almost 20 years ago about the crazy raves in the 90’s?

They’re coming back! After nearly two decades, “Human Traffic 2” has been officially confirmed. Rumors about a sequel have been roaming around for a while, but writer/director Just Kerrigan has finally made it official!

Human Traffic
Image Via: Dazed

Last month Kerrigan appeared at a special event commemorating the film’s 20 year anniversary. According to him, Danny Dyer, Nicola Reynolds, and Shaun Parkes will be returning. The film’s script is finalized, and the UK distribution plan is all set. However, he did not reveal when filming would begin or when we can expect to see the final version. He did also mention that events will be held across the country throughout the rest of the year to help raise funds for the film.

Human Traffic 2 is a reaction to Brexit. It’s about everyone coming together as one race – the human race. It’s a comedy about the rave generation set over a weekend in Cardiff, London and Ibiza. Human Traffic 2 is as relevant to today as [the original] was relevant for its time.

Sounds like Kerrigan is prepared for a boatload of success with the sequel. Although I guess he should be since he’s had 20 years to work on this. More information will be revealed throughout the year. Hopefully we’ll get to see this party film by next summer!

If you like cult classics, check out Takeshi’s Castle, which is returning to television.

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