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VIDEO: Game of Thrones Actors Reveal Disappointment About Series Finale

What does Jon Snow have to say about this?

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If you watch Game of Thrones, you probably have a strong opinion about where the series finale is headed. FYI, spoilers ahead! Following the Battle of Winterfell and Arya’s epic Night King murder scene, season 8 of the hit HBO show has since been met with mixed feelings.

Last Sunday’s penultimate episode saw a handful of main characters killed off, King’s Landing burned to the ground, and still no answer as to who wins the Iron Throne. Fans aren’t sure how the series finale will wrap up or if loose ends will even be tied. Yet for those of you who are bitter after the previous episode, you’re not alone. Even GoT actors themselves seem rather disappointed about the ending of the paramount show.

The biggest elephant in the room, it’s safe to say, centers on Daenerys and her descent into madness. Have the past 7 seasons noticeably foreshadowed her descent into the Mad Queen? Was her evil character development far too fast in season 8? Will she kill Jon Snow and everyone else around her because she has turned into a bloodthirsty tyrant who will stop at nothing to claim rule of the Seven Kingdoms?

Now put aside Daenerys and there are still so many plot lines to close. There’s no way the show doesn’t end in either total bloodshed or some cookie-cutter ending where everyone lives happily-ever after, and it turns out Ned Stark was simply having a bad dream. Take it from the Game of Thrones actors – the finale looks to be rather…deflating.

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This situation wouldn’t be quite so frustrating if the seasons leading up to this moment hadn’t been so epic. GoT has ruled our screens for 10 years, and it’s only fitting the finale matches the show’s glorious decade-long run. Perhaps the GoT documentary, The Last Watch (to be released a week after the show ends), might provide insight on the directorial choices made in the final season.

Regardless of what happens this weekend, let’s not forget the countless memorable battles, incredible acting chops, and wild storylines that have gotten us here. And remember, you know nothing, Jon Snow. So don’t jump to conclusions, and instead prepare yourself for Sunday night’s final watch.

Want to dive a little deeper? See more about Emilia Clarke’s thoughts on Daenerys’ Mad Queen vibes here.

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