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The Hannah Berner Netflix Comedy Special 

Comedian and social media personality Hannah Berner announced that she will get her own Netflix comedy special.

Hannah Berner performing at the Just For Laughs Festival. Credit: Just For Laughs.

In an interview with Variety, Hannah thanked her audience and talked about her hopes for the taping: “I’m excited for my standup to reach a larger audience and to celebrate the community of badass women and scared boyfriends, mothers and zaddies that got me to this point.”

The announcement is exciting, but not surprising.

Hannah Berner’s Comedy Journey

This isn’t the first time Hannah Berner has showcased her hilarious personality. Berner first gained popularity as a cast member for three seasons on Bravo’s reality show Summer House. After that, Berner’s career has been on an upward trajectory, especially with her videos titled “Han on the Street”. Full videos on YouTube and snippets on TikTok go viral showing Hannah asking questions in public. 

Through these street interviews, she discusses the female experience with topics like shaving, periods and men. Women can talk about their struggles with a laugh and the men can be laughed at

But Hannah doesn’t stop there. She also has a podcast called Giggly Squad with her best friend and fellow Summer House alum Paige DeSorbo. They have weekly episodes making fun of trends, celebrities, and themselves. 

Most recently, her comedy reached new heights when she began her stand-up theater tour around America. Her sets explore relatable moments in jobs, sex, and relationships. She delivers the awkward and the memorable on a silver platter with her unique takes. In reference to the “scared boyfriends” that attend her shows with the “badass women”, Hannah also is extremely talented at crowd work and sniffing out drama in the audience.

But making fun of men with her comedy is more than a surface level laugh. 

Male Comedians Getting Their Flowers First

Her show’s announcement comes at a time where female comedians deserve a spotlight, especially when male comedians have received but haven’t earned the same accomplishments. The most popular and recent instance was Matt Rife’s Netflix comedy special.  

Matt Rife rose to popularity on TikTok, posting portions of his stand-up and crowd work on the app. He soon became known for being funny and extremely attractive. He leaned into this strong and fresh female fanbase with his stand-up, making charming jokes about his glow-up and newfound attention.

However, Rife made the mistake of biting the hand that fed him. When Matt Rife filmed a new set for his Netflix special, he opened with a joke about domestic violence. He also further alienated the women that made him famous when promoting his special. In an interview with Variety, Rife stated that “despite what you think about me online, I don’t pander my career to women. I would argue this special is way more for guys.”

Even after public outrage, Rife doubled down on his comedic choices. He appeared on several “Alpha Male” podcasts, attempting to appease his male audience that pales in comparison to his past female following.

Matt Rife had one of the quickest falls from grace after achieving a Netflix special in record time. But Hannah’s Netflix special is a testament to her fans and her journey.

Hannah Berner’s Netflix Special

Hannah’s special will be full of her classically blunt and relatable comedy. While she does take the time to poke fun at her audience, her comedy is original and stands to represent the people who enjoy her work; it doesn’t exist in spite of her fans. If she continues this philosophy, her Netflix special won’t be her last success.


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Her first hour-long special with the streaming platform will be taped at the Fillmore in Philadelphia on Saturday, March 23rd. Tickets to the taping of her special are available on Ticketmaster or at

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