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‘Emily in Paris’ Season 4: Release Update, Cast, Filming News, and Much More

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Image Credit: Netflix

The filming of Emily in Paris season 3 started back in June 2022. Considering the time season 2 took to film the previous year, we can expect the filming to end by the end of summer. However, the series stayed in production.

Emily in Paris season 3 and season 4 were reported to be filming back-to-back. No further details regarding this were shared, so season 4 could have been filmed already. Netflix however hasn’t confirmed any of these details.

Emily in Paris season 4 release updates

We can expect the third season to drop in either late 2022 or early 2023 based on that timeline. This means that Emily in Paris season 4 will be released in mid to late 2023.

Emily in Paris cast

The list of all the cast members of Emily in Paris is given below:-

Lily Collins as Emily Cooper
Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie
Ashley Park as Mindy Chen
Lucas Bravo as Gabriel
Samuel Arnold as Julien
Bruno Gouery as Luc
Camille Razat as Camille
William Abadie as Antoine Lambert
Lucien Laviscount as Alfie

Some new recurring and supporting characters from season 3 will stick around in season 4 as well.

Paul Forman depicts Mindy’s new love interest Nicolas de Léon
Melia Kreiling depicts Camille’s love interest Sofia.
Kevin Dias will comeback as Benoît,
Kate Walsh recreates her role as Emily’s American boss Madeline Wheeler.

Is Emily in Paris season 4 the final season?

Netflix didn’t say anything about Emily in Paris season 4 being the final season.

What can we expect in Emily in Paris season 4?

By the end of season 3, Camille leaves Gabriel at the altar and reveals the pact between her and Emily. Suddenly, Emily and Gabriel’s feelings for each other were exposed out in the open.

When Emily and Gabriel honestly talked about their feelings for each other after the wedding, Gabriel tells Emily that Camille is pregnant. Emily in Paris season 4 will likely navigate the conflicts that originate from the newly complicated situation between Emily, Gabriel, and Camille.

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