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‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 Recap: Everything You Need to Remember Before the New Season

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Do you need an easy-to-read Emily in Paris season 2 recap before Emily in Paris season 3 premieres? Well, you’re in luck. Below we have provided a brief recap of season 2 for you.

What were the key moments from season 2?

Sylvie leaves Savoir to launch her own firm: Madeline and Sylvie get into a conflict when Madeline comes to Paris to check on the business. It gets ugly pretty fast, and Sylvie winds up leaving Savoir, taking Luc Julien, and half the clients with her.

Emily and Alfie decide to try long distance: Alfie says that her job in Paris is done and he’s supposed to return to the London office. He actually stays longer than he should in Paris because he didn’t want to leave Emily. But it’s time. Alfie asks if Emily wants to try a long-distance relationship with him because he really likes her and wants to see how things turn up.

Camille and Gabriel move in together: Although Emily agrees to try long-distance, it’s obvious she’s still torn between Alfie and Gabriel. She even accidentally says that she “loves” Gabriel while venting to Mindy. Mindy advises Emily to tell Gabriel about her feelings because if she doesn’t, she’ll always be curious about the “what if.”

Emily finally goes to Gabriel’s apartment to confess her feelings. Emily starts to tell him the truth, but Camille cuts in before she can get to the whole “I love you” part. We see that Camille and Gabriel have gotten back together, and Gabriel asked Camille to move in. Emily leaves in tears while thinking about her future.

Mindy and Benoit make up: After Benoit learns that Mindy is kind of famous and a billionaire’s daughter, it seems as if their relationship is over as he deals with her misleading him about her life. But the pair ultimately makes up during a touching and emotional performance.

Emily in Paris will release on 21 December on Netflix.


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