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Eddie Murphy Is Coming Back With Netflix Comedy Specials

This will be comedy GOLD!

Image Via: Wikipedia / David Shankbone

Eddie Murphy and Netflix are set to close a $70 million deal for a series of comedy specials.

Some of the most popular comedians today are Aziz Ansari, Gabriel Iglesias, Ellen DeGeneres (rightfully so), and Adam DeVine. Eddie Murphy isn’t a household name anymore. But ask anyone from the 90’s and they’ll tell you he’s #1. TMZ and a number of other outlets have reported that Netflix has offered Murphy $70 million to return to the stand-up stage.

$70 million is quite the payday for a few comedy shows. But when you know that Dave Chapelle got $60 million for three netflix specials, Chris Rock got $40 million for two of them, and Ellen DeGeneres got $20 million for her solo special, $70 million sounds about right. And, going off of those numbers, it sounds like we could be getting 2-3 specials from Murphy.

For an idea of what to look forward to, check out these clips from his stand-up classics “RAW” and “Delirious.”

If his new specials are anything like these, we are in for a REAL good time. In the meantime, check out this genius Donald Trump joke by comedian Andrew Schulz.

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