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Dylan Marron On Hollywood Movies: Are They Under-Representing People Of Colour?

It’s 2018 and this is still a problem!

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Actor and Playwright Dylan Marron has shared his viral YouTube series ‘Every Single Word’ to show how white people tend to take the lead roles in movies and other ethnicities are overlooked.

The series was created about three years ago however has been recently shared again by Marron who was inspired to speak out after last week’s release of Black Panther – the rare Hollywood blockbuster that is led by a majority black cast.

Focusing on just how little some ethnicity gets a chance to speak in big-budget movies, Marron highlights an issue that surely should not still be a thing in 2018?!

Speaking with the Washington Post about the inspiration behind his videos, Marron said: “The history of this project is that growing up as a brown kid in America, you are very aware of your difference and I have always loved movies.”

“I never saw people who really looked like me and I think when you’re younger you don’t really have the tools to wonder why, or you don’t think to ask why. You just accept it as truth.”

And unfortunately, the issues lie in some of our favorites! Harry Potter is among the movies that Marron has pinpointed for the under-representation. By cutting down the movies to just the moments where a person of color speaks, Marron has shortened some 2-hour movies to a shocking minute-long features.

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and Into The Woods were silenced, something they should be ashamed of.

Check out some of Dylan Marron’s videos here:

Video Via

Video Via

Check out more on Dylan’s YouTube channel here!

But its not all bad in Hollywood, here are some of its finest actors!

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