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Donald Trumps Believes He is to Blame For The Oscars Mix Up

It’s all about Trump!

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Well Let me first start with saying that I am not a political person, but even I think this is ridiculous. Naturally, everybody sits down every year to watch who wins what in the Oscars and then the next day it’s all the office talks about. This year there was a huge mix up that outraged all involved and the audience too.

Yes Trump believes the mistake happened, because he was on everyone’s mind. Now before we get into how full of himself he is, let’s go back to the mistake. The craziness took place after ‘La La Land’ received the Oscar for best picture, even though ‘Moonlight’ was the actual winner. Warren Beatty, claimed he was handed the wrong envelope.

Hold on it gets better, Donald Trump says the real reason it happened is, because all the people involved in the Oscars could not take their mind off him. Apparently, some of the celebrities made a stab at him during their speeches. He is claiming that the Oscars was more about politics than the winners. Just when you think things could not get more ridiculous in steps Donald Trump. It’s a good thing Breitbart was their for him to confide to.

For more on Donald Trump, check out this article featuring a Congressman’s presentation on him with Stranger Things!

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