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Does Judy Die in the ‘Dead to Me’ Season 3 Finale? [Spoilers]

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Image Credit: Netflix

In Dead to Me Season 3, Judy ultimately has cervical cancer after she and Jen travel to Mexico for a final vacation.

However, because of the ambiguous nature of the show’s ending, some fans are confused about Judy’s death in the finale.

We never saw Judy’s “body” on-screen, and most people know that if there is nobody, then you can’t say for sure that a character is dead. But in this case, it’s clear what happened, and to show Judy’s dead body would have been way too sad.

The night before Judy dies, she talks about the pain she’s been in Jen, making it evident that her cervical cancer is spreading quickly. When Jen doesn’t see in the morning, she already knows what happened. Judy took the catamaran out into the ocean and probably died at sea.

Although everything wasn’t explicitly described on-screen or shown in detail, there is enough information about Judy’s death and the aftermath. I’m sure Jen handled the other things like getting the boat back, her body, and planning a funeral. However, the writers didn’t feel the need to show us Judy’s body.

In the final moment, when Jen drives home, we “sees” Judy in the car beside her since Judy said she would always be there for her. So, it’s clear that even if Judy didn’t die there in the boat, she did die and didn’t just stay in Mexico to fake her death and avoid jail time.

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