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Danny Dyer: Paedophile Hunter

Cockney gezzer Danny Dyer to hunt predators in new storyline.

Photo: BBC/Nicky Johnston

Cockney gezzer Danny Dyer to hunt predators in new story-line

London born actor Daniel John Dyer, 40 aka Danny is known for his roles in films such as Mean Machine, Doghouse and The Business. In 2013 Dyer began probably his best-known roll as Mick Carter on the continuous soap EastEnders.

If your familiar with the soap you’ll no doubt be aware that earlier this week the Queen Vic’s landlord found images of underage girls on best mate Stuart Highway’s phone.

Whilst Mick was initially horrified with the discovery it was later revealed that Stuart wasn’t being a scummy paedo, but was in fact attempting to ensnare sexual predators in a catfish style by pretending to be a child.

According to the soaps producers Stuart played by Ricky Champ, 37 will attempt to enlist the help of Dyer’s character Mick into helping him catch online paedophiles.

The controversial story-line is set to break new ground for a soap but has divided opinion amongst audiences.

Encouraging Vigilantism?

Some say that the story line could be encouraging vigilantism and hampering official police investigations and others believe this kind of story-line is throwing light on an important problem in our society.

In the last year the Police in England and Wales have used evidence provided by paedophile hunters in an estimated 150 cases.

Figures obtained by the BBC under freedom of information laws indicate that is a seven-fold increase in the use of such evidence from 2015.

It is however an important distinction to make that the evidence gathered by such groups was not solely used to begin criminal investigations into potential offenders, but was used in conjunction with evidence gathered by authorities.

Police have dissuaded would be vigilantes as they are putting themselves at risk as well as potentially interfering with official surveillance and sting operations.

What do you think of the story-line? Do you think it encourages Vigilantism or is it raising awareness about the threats from predators to our children? Sound off in the comments. Why not have a Pat Butcher’s at this?………..

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