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Contestants on Netflix’s ‘Squid Game The Challenge’ Demand Compensation for Injuries and Poor Conditions

The gameshow contestants are seeking compensation over injuries.

Contestants are visibly exhausted.
Contestants are visibly exhausted in the real-life adaptation of the hit Netflix drama. Credit: Netflix

Express Solicitors claim the anonymous contestants suffered injuries as the game show advanced. Will anyone be taking legal action?

The Squid Game universe has grown popular amongst Gen-Z due to its thrill and action. But at what point is too much action? Two contestants of Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge have been reported to suffer from both “hypothermia and nerve damage,” Express Solicitors state. Other players have had concerns for their own well-being on set.

A letter of claim is the step people take before legal action. In other words, a warning. These letters of claims outlined their clients (the contestants) apparent injuries and poor health conditions on set. Not a good look for a game show popular amongst the youth of Gen-Z.

Contestants face dangerous debilitating conditions

“Contestants thought they were participating in something fun, and those injured did not expect to suffer as they did.” Daniel Slade, CEO of the UK firm, said. Most contestants were not anticipating being “left with injuries after spending time being stuck in painful stress positions in cold temperatures.”

Squid Game: The Challenge contestants on set. Credit: Netflix

“We have a case where someone complains of hypothermia. One had his hands turn purple from the cold.” Now, you may be wondering, did any contestants actually file lawsuits? The answer is no. A spokesperson for the show stated, “Any of the Squid Game contestants has filed no lawsuit.”

The dangers of the infamous scene: Green Light, Red Light

One popular scene from the original show had the Green Light, Red Light game. Here, the players run to a line while a 13.7-foot doll is replicated exactly from the original show by a 3D printer. The doll sings when facing the wall while the players run towards it. Once the doll faces them, they must stay still, or else they will be eliminated. In Squid Game: The Challenge, those who were caught moving at any moment were captured on camera and kicked off the show.

Stephen Lambert, CEO of Studio Lambert, earlier stated that the quickest players took two hours to finish the game. The slowest players took four to five hours, creating an exhausting environment for all contestants. Contestant Lorenzo Nobilio, 26, has recently told BBC News that it took him seven hours to finish the Green Light, Red Light game.

Contestants stay still while the doll faces them to avoid elimination. Credit: Netflix

Throughout January, Netflix said three people were hospitalized and needed immediate medical attention. During filming, other contestants protested against long-term exposure to cold conditions in Variety Magazine. Mr. Lambert told BBC News last week: “Everybody was warned that it was going to be cold; we took all the necessary steps to prepare them for that.” However, judging by the contestants’ complaints, it seems like the necessary precautions did not work as well as he thought.

“Yes, a few anonymous people were unhappy about the fact they had been eliminated and it had been a cold, quite long experience.”

Will contestants keep playing for Squid Game: The Challenge? Or did they have enough? It seems like it is only a matter of time until players will start bringing their complaints to court.

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