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Christmas Chronicles 2 is the New Mash-up of Home Alone and The Grinch

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Credit: instagram/ChristmasChronicles

After the heartwarming part one of  “The Christmas Chronicles” that came out in 2018, the fans were left wondering if there are going to be sequels. After Santa manages to lose his reindeers, get arrested, and is forced to deliver all the gifts last minute, we are left wondering, could this situation get any worse for Kate and Teddy. 

The writers and the directors have heard our thoughts and prayers because Christmas Chronicles 2 is basically a mash-up of How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Home Alone. The Santa faces the threat of Christmas getting canceled (like in the Grinch), by the hands of his new nemesis, Belsnickel (like Dwight from The Office).

Even though The Christmas Chronicles isn’t the signature hallmark, prince charming Christmas movie type, however, it is definitely a good part 2 to the heartwarming, and feel-good 2018 movie. 

The movie even though it deals with themes such as betrayal and fighting evil is still very much so pastel-colored, and family-friendly. It has officially been rated PG by the MPAA, making it suitable for a general audience of all ages. 

Credit: instagram/ChristmasChronicles

Despite having only 68% on rotten tomatoes, which isn’t the most generous system, the movie has been trending on Netflix US for a week straight now. And interestingly, the first part of this movie, the 2018 one, has also been the #10 top trending content on Netflix, as people either rewatch or watch the first part for the first time before they move onto part 2, which came out this year. 

If you are on a holiday movie binge, you should also check out the most recent Grinch cartoon. Even though Jim Carrey’s 2000 movie of The Grinch can arguably never be topped, however, this new animation does a great job of coming really, really close. With the detailed animations and the pastel-colored Whoville, the viewers are in for a magical and heartwarming ride through the Grinches drama. 

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