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Can “The Haunting of Bly Manor” Top The First Season?

What a show!

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After the chaotic finale of “The Hunting of Hill House”, let’s be honest, we were all left wondering what else the creators were planning for the fans. The new mini-series’ that Netflix is putting out are unusually short. So, if you’re looking for quick entertainment that you can get to the bottom of, they are great. But, once you finish it and are left wanting more, you can find yourself quite disappointed, if you don’t immediately see a new season. 

Lucky for us, from the time that the first season of “The Hunting” began trending and came to our attention, till the time, the second one dropped on Netflix, there were only a few months of wait, which is acceptable. 

There are controversial opinions as to which season of “The Hunting” fulfilled its purpose, “horror and psychological thriller”, more. Here’s what I thought… 

“The Haunting of Bly Manor” was far superior to its first season counterpart. 

The show begins with an American au pair beginning her journey of nannihood, in Bly Manor. She is hired by the two orphan children’s uncle, who is portrayed as a classic, super busy-super rich lawyer, who doesn’t have enough time on his hands to take care of his dead brother’s burdens. 

But as Dani, the au pair, finds her way around the Bly Manor, she can’t help but notice there is something off about the children as well as the housekeepers. You can’t finish the first episode without the young daughter saying “perfectly splendid” 900 times, and the housekeepers zooming into nature for hours on end.

Everyone’s really nice in the show from the get-go, which is always a red flag. You know when the horror shows or movies start out with a happy family? You just know something’s overdue to go very wrong any second, and their happiness starts to creep you out. 

That’s basically what happens in the Bly Manor. The “perfectly splendid” goes on for so long, that the au pair finally finds herself locked up in a closet. Then as she turns around, she sees the face of someone from her past.

Why would the children lock her in a closet you might ask. The writers made sure to incorporate every last bit of the “dead world” physics in this season. People die, but they don’t really die. But they are not quite alive either. You can see and talk to them, however, they can’t leave the Bly Manor. And, while they might not have any physical powers, however, they make sure to rule the Bly Manor by controlling the kids. That’s what’s off about them. 

The show begins with an elderly woman telling a tale of a ghost story from a place known as the Bly Manor. And it ends with the same woman wrapping up her story. However, before her story finishes, we get an entire episode dedicated to the story of the life of a woman who used to live in that house, about 400 years before the current tenants. 

That’s when we learn about the history of the ghosts that continuously hunt the grounds of the Bly Manor. 

Would I recommend this show? Yes. 

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