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‘Black Mirror’ Memory Implants May Soon Be A Reality

Now this is intriguing!

Now this is intriguing!
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Memory implants, as seen in ‘Black Mirror’, could soon be a reality!

Six years after the episode ‘The Entire History of You’ aired, it has been revealed that humans could potentially have the ability to record their memories.

Tom Gruber, co-founder of Siri and an Apple executive, explained at the recent TED 2017 conference that there is a vision for technology to record events in our life.

Speaking in Canada, he revealed that:

I believe A.I. will make personal memory enhancement a reality. I think it’s inevitable.

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Gruber has backing from many fellow visionaries, none more so than Elon Musk. Musk has launched a ‘telepathy’ start-up named Neuralink, which aims to implant brain electrodes that may eventually upload and download thoughts.

This would be yet another spookily accurate prediction from the hit show. What a world it would be though!

It’s a fascinating thought, but arguably one that is still very much in the thinking process. It will unquestionably be a number of years before we see such a remarkable feat.

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