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Beverly Hills Cop IV is Coming, But Won’t Be in Theaters Near You

Eddie Murphy is back in action as Beverly Hills Cop!

Image by David Shankbone / Flickr

Beverly Hills Cop is getting a Netflix revamp with the original star, Eddie Murphy, as the fast-talking, charmingly cocky, detective Axel Foley. 35 years after its box office-breaking debut, fans are still plugging their noses and sardonically asking,

You’re not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe?

Although the second and third movies of the Beverly Hills Cop trilogy were met with mixed reviews, fans are ready for a fresh take to hit screens. This is also a great opportunity for the trans-generational comedic genius, Eddie Murphy, to return from his Hollywood hiatus. 

Whether you’re a Boomer, Millennial, or Gen. Z, Eddie Murphy probably holds a special place in your heart. Through roles like Prince Akeem in Coming to America, 7 different characters in The Nutty Professor, Donkey in Shrek, and the father in The Haunted Mansion, Murphy gives fans young and old the laugh-so-hard-you-cry kind of sillies.

We have faith that Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop IV will leave us with laugh-sore stomaches and a handful of quotable lines.

But if not, at least the price was included in our Netflix subscription and we never had to leave the comfort of our own homes. 

Can’t get enough of Eddie Murphy? Check out his Netflix Comedy Specials, covered here.

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