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Your Beloved Childhood Show ‘Animaniacs’ Rumored To Be Reborn

Thank you, Netflix!

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It’s every 90’s kid’s dream come true, and with the presence of technology, and probably the rising resentment over the lack of quality television nowadays, going back in time to bring back a once-treasured show is the best solution.

Many of you 90’s kids grew up watching it, and consider it a vital part of your childhood. What’s great about living today is that despite the fact that all good things come to an end, history does eventually repeat itself. Your favorite show Animaniacs is making a comeback.

Animaniacs was a show that followed Wakko, Yakko, and Dot on their wacky adventures, inciting inspiration while making you die laughing at the same time. Steven Spielberg was the executive producer of the show and for its time, it was the most unique thing on television, a true love of not only kids but many adults as well. The show even hid some adult innuendoes in there that you as a kid might have missed. See if your mind is blown right now as you check out this video, highlighting some of these moments:

Animaniacs exuded so much greatness that it inspired other spin-offs, including Pinky and the Brain. Today, Netflix has given Animaniacs life once again by releasing seasons on its site. This has a lot of people talking and it is rumored that Steven Spielberg as well as Warner Brothers and Amblin Entertainment, another producer of the show, are discussing how they can bring the beloved show back.

However, it’s still in the very early stages of development and no solid details have been released, but at the very least, the discussion has been sparked. Hopefully, out childhood favorite will be available for us to laugh at and bond over very soon.

While you wait for Wakko, Yakkom and Dot to make a reappearance, why not treat yourself to one of these hot new Alcoholic Summer Popsicles.

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