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BBC Preparing A Recreation Of The Trojan War

Netflix and BBC taking on a massive new-year project for 2018.

Credit: BBC/Netflix

BBC and Netflix are working together to take on a new epic saga for 2018. 

The saga will document the siege of Troy taking a new, more diverse, lens to the myth. Everyone loves a costume drama and if it’s being made by BBC and Netflix you can count me in.

It’s been confirmed as an eight-part epic. It’s being directed by  Mark Brozel and Owen Harris – who has worked on Misfits, The Gamechangers, and the internet-breaking Black Mirror.

Eight episodes is a lot for a MINIseries? I thought that too. It will have to be massive as, despite most people only knowing about the wooden horse, the story is huge. The siege itself lasted ten years, so eight episodes might just about do it…maybe.

As well as a massive storyline, a seemingly large budget (judged off the pictures), the cast is jam-packed too. Portraying King Priam is a familiar face, David Threlfall, who was frank from Shameless. Another David(David Gyasi) joins the cast in the role of Achilles, succeeding the likes of Brad Pitt (2004).

Achilles (DAVID GYASI)
Credit: BBC/Netflix

Amongst the heroes and heroines of the story there are a few gods to be presented on the silver screen. Hakeem Kae-Kazim (who has starred in X-men Origins: Wolverine and Pirates of the Caribbean) fills the shoes of Zeus -pretty large shoes I should imagine – instilling even more diversity to an otherwise ancient tale. The modernity of this interpretation will definitely rock some boats but what doesn’t annoy someone or other nowadays?

Credit: BBC/Netflix

A star-filled cast, a lovely ‘little’ budget, two massive companies, and an epic tale that’s transcended and fascinated many generations. Surely this is only going to be a good thing? If the new year promises more like this consider us excited.

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