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BBC Discreetly Releases Hours Of Planet Earth Footage

Simply mesmerizing.

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For those who enjoy soothing sounds, visual masterpieces, and Planet Earth, we have some grand news. BBC Earth has been discreetly uploading 10-hour loops of raw show footage directly to YouTube.

BBC Earth has been delivering the Internet these beautiful clips for the past few months. Every so often a new clip is rolled out depicting the best of our planet’s picturesque landscapes. From the highest icy mountains to the deepest dark caverns, we can witness it all without leaving our couch.

Thanks to BBC’s Earth Unplugged YouTube page, viewers have been treated to sights of stunning deserts, islands, mountains, and jungles. BBC is planning on releasing two more videos soon.

And the premiere goal of BBC’s covert uploading is a simple one: happiness. You read correctly. BBC launched an initiative called the Real Happiness Project. As part of the campaign, the broadcasting company paired together magnificent visuals from Planet Earth and peaceful natural noise. The sole aim has been to bring a little tranquility and delight into our hectic lives.

Need a different soundtrack for your work commute? Want to block out obnoxious roommates? Looking for something to relieve your stress? Take a listen to these relaxing and mesmerizing videos. We promise you’ll feel better in no time.

With over 50 hours of footage (and more to come), you’ll absolutely find solitude hidden within these exquisite clips. Take a work break and look at some of the landscape options below. Disappointed you will not be.

Take a look at more of the breathtaking work BBC puts out for our enjoyment. Click here.

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