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‘Bad Sisters’: How Do You Kill A Man?

Bad Sisters, Bad Sisters release date, Bad Sisters plot
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Bad sisters take hold of murder and turn it into dark comical suspense.

In the first season, all the women seem to keep finding reasons to despise their brother-in-law. Although Bibi, Eva, Becka, and Ursula Garvey.

The Women love their sister Grace; none can stand her husband, John Paul Williams. The character embodies the nature of being rude, despicable, and evil in many aspects. It then becomes impossible not to root for these ferocious women when they decide that the best thing to do now is killing JP for their sister’s betterment.

The sisters think killing JP is the only option left to allow Grace to find happiness again, t. Throughout the show, they try and plot down plans to lead them toward his death. But is it so bad that Grace has to go through all that and then find her happiness? Or is it so bad that it is okay for their daughter to grow up without him?

While all these women are determined and not ready to give it a second thought, each episode seems to jump back and forth through times to keep things interesting.

After the successful execution of JP’s death, the Garvey sisters are swarmed by two agents, Matt and Thomas. Thomas keeps emphasizing and looking for evidence to prove that his death was not an accident so that paying out can be avoided.

The show explores lengths when Bibi, Eva, Becka, and Ursula Garvey are ready to do anything to protect Grace but still in dark comedy since the show is known for portraying emotionally layered characters.

Fortunately, the series does not leave the audience in an open-ended scenario; Moat of the questions are answered and gives a solid resolution.

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