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‘Atlanta’ Season 4 Ending Explained: Was Everything Really Just a Dream? [Spoilers]

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Image Credit: FX

The final episode, titled “It Was All a Dream”, put the viewers in a dilemma. Was this last season just hallucinations in the subconscious mind of Darius?

Some moments can be considered more than a dream, like when Darius visited his presumed dead brother Kevin. Another example is when Darius has a head-on with Nate. The viewers never get the chance to completely analyze what happened, as the question always lingers on whether Darius is out of the tank.

There were several other instances where the audience could have said, “It was real”. For example, the scenes at the sushi restaurant with Van and others where everyone was stunned. One can claim that the producers were some kind of shinobis, with the number of deceptions they managed to create with the viewers.

If we think about it, Darius proposed multiple times that his friends were only a part of his imagination. This theory just takes everything out of proportion, as it is possible that the entire show was nothing but a dream.

Hiro Murai, the director of the final season, said that Atlanta “always lived a couple of inches off the ground of reality”.

However, this absolute dilemma regarding the reality of the events in Atlanta is one of the main reasons the show will be dearly missed. It’s possible that a show of such caliber and high quality was only a dream for viewers and showcased what arguably should be the bare minimum for a modern show.

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