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Anxiously Waiting for Shark Week? Watch This Nicolas Cage Classic for A Biting Good Time

This is based on a horrific true story but for those shark week fans, it should be on the list.

Credit: Zero Media/YouTube

Well, the sharks are looming. They are sharpening those teeth and circling as we speak getting ready for Shark Week 2022. To get you Shark Week fans in the mood and continue to build that anticipation, watch this movie based on a true story starring Nicolas Cage USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage.

Not really focusing entirely on sharks and their deadly attraction people seem to enjoy, this movie is based on the tragic true story of the torpedo, USS Indianapolis, which was shot down by Japanese forces, and some of the surviving crew were eaten by hungry sharks, along with other horrifying ways to die. Nicolas Cage stars as Captain Charles B. McVay, who in real life, was wrongly accused of the sub’s demised but was later exonerated. No room or time for much of Cage’s humor but still a movie worth seeing.

How It All Went Down

Credit: Zero Media/YouTube
Credit: Zero Media/YouTube

Cage talks fondly of how he enjoyed working on this movie and it fulfilled a dream of his:

One of my dreams or first loves is the ocean and my dream has always been to do a movie that takes place at sea. I haven’t been able to get that to happen yet. I almost did a picture with Ron Howard calledThe Sea Wolf, that didn’t work out. I almost did The Perfect Storm but that didn’t work, so I was like, ‘I’m really frustrated here.’ I want to play Captain Nemo in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, I’ve got to get on the water! Richard [Rionda Del Castro] said, ‘It just so happens that I have a script.

Nicolas Cage
Credit: Zero Media/YouTube

150 members of the crew were attacked and eaten by the sharks, others died of exposure, dehydration, and salt poisoning. Several days later, the remaining survivors were rescued and lived to tell the tale. This is an incredible story of survival at the core. But if you’re a Shark Week junky, then you’ll probably enjoy the circling and the attack. But still, think about our fallen, these were real men who lost their lives in a brutal way.

Can we see Nicolas Cage playing The Joker? This is another dream of his, apparently.

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