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A24 Teams Up With Kojima Productions for ‘Death Stranding’

In a Twitter/X post Kojima Productions founder Hideo Kojima has announced his partnership with A24 to create a ‘Death Stranding’ Movie.

Kajima Productions have announced they will be collaborating with A24 to create a Death Stranding Movie
Credit: Twitter/KojiPro2015

Following on from this year’s success, another game-to-film adaptation has been announced. This time, A24 is working alongside the original creator (Kojima Productions) of the game. ‘The Last of Us’ remains the best series of the year. This was followed by ‘The Super Mario Bros’ sitting proudly as the number two film at the box office.

So why wouldn’t A24 market what is so clearly in demand, and ‘Death Stranding’ fits perfectly to the style? 

Sam Bridges in 'Death Stranding'.
Screen capture of Sam Bridges in ‘Death Stranding’ gameplay. Credit: Kojima Productions/ Death Stranding

On Friday, 15 December, Hideo Kojima himself announced on Twitter/X that A24 will be producing the film adaption of Kojima Studios’ ‘Death Stranding’, and fans are more than made up with the decision.  

While we already knew to expect the film adaptation, details were not given as to who will create it.

In his tweet, Kojima told fans that he has been “attracted to their (A24) creations and have even inspired my own work(.)” This is a signal that this isn’t a money grab, but something Kojima believes will bring his work to life in a new medium.

Kojima details the idea that the film will open the ‘Death Stranding’ universe to lovers of film. Not just enhancing what is already available within the game. From the sound of it, Kojima and A24 are working closely to make the universe new and exciting for everyone.  

The news of the collaboration follows in the footsteps of their 8 December announcement of a sequel game, coming to PlayStation 5. Which was announced with a teaser trailer at ‘The Game Awards’ and will follow in the developer’s footsteps. With Hideo Kojima himself has a leading role in producing, writing, designing, and directing the game.  

Kojima Productions is a well-known video game developer that began only eight years ago, best known for titles such as ‘Metal Gear Solid’, and ‘Silent Hill’ as well as their most recent standalone ‘Death Stranding’.  

The Game

Released in 2019, ‘Death Stranding’ was developed by Kojima Productions and Guerilla Games to introduce a unique selling point that was new to gamers. Sam Bridges (Norman Reedus) is tasked with delivering hope to humanity by connecting the last survivors of a decimated America. Taking each step at a time, Sam must face the gateway between the living and the dead. Saving his last hope from the creatures that roam the desolate landscape.  

The game itself is an open-world action with asynchronous online functions that let you connect with other players. The genre-defiant game has captioned itself as the first “strand game” of its time.  

While the dynamic controls do cause havoc at the beginning, it has quality gameplay. And it’s amazing storyline. So, fingers crossed for a film adaptation that maintains the same ethos of quality and gameplay. Knowing A24, I don’t think we will have to worry, especially with Kojima keeping control over the project.  

What We Know So Far

Not much.   

The announcement didn’t include any details about the plot line or development stage of the film. Pretty much leaving fans in the dark about when to expect the title. Although, It is only a matter of time before new information is released and casting choices are made.

And while we wait, fans have voiced their own choices.

Many fans took to Twitter/X to detail who they would cast for the film adaptation. Most of them choose to keep the face and voice actors from the game. This includes Mads Michealson, Norman Reedus, Troy Baker, and many more.

Mads Mikkelsen as Sam Bridges father
Cliff Unger, portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen. Credit: Kojima Productions/ Sony.

And while it would be nice to see some familiar faces on the big screen, there’s no telling if that will happen or not. Kojima detailed that he and A24 want to explore the universe, perhaps taking us away from the game cast. Opting to introduce new characters for new and old fans to learn about together, in a whole other part of the world.

Having said that, cameos of the game’s cast would go down a treat with the fans.

Let’s not forget we still have no clue as to the director or how the game world will translate to the big screen. Because I don’t doubt that they might ignore the player’s constant falling when trying to master the balancing controls. And don’t say you didn’t struggle at first! We all did.  

When should we expect a release:

Not anytime soon. 

With all the strike delays, production is only beginning to face the repercussions of deadline delays. Many of them won’t be released until their post-strike dates. 

Realistically, we are looking at a 2025 or 2026 release date, depending on current slate progression. 

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