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A New Louis Theroux Documentary Series Will Soon Be Landing on Our Screens

The best of British television: Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends were never forgotten!

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Louis Theroux is set to release a new four-part docu-series that will look back at his past works over the last 25 years. 

The new show is set to be called Louis Theroux: Life on the Edge and was inspired by revisiting Theroux’s past works that have been esteemed as some of the best documentaries on British TV.

He has compiled 60 hours worth of documentaries over the past two decades, delving into the intimate lives of individuals on the brinks of common society. 

His work includes biographies on all kinds of people from sex addicts, neo-Nazis, prostitutes, UFO enthusiasts… all approached in his unique, respectful interviewing style he is esteemed for.

Speaking out about this new docu-series that was mustered up in the past months during lockdown, he mentions he finally got time to revisit and see what common themes ran through all those years of film-making. 

For years I’ve wanted to go back and make sense of the programmes I’ve made, find out what happened to some of the contributors, update their stories, and see what all these hours of making TV might add up to.

Louis Theroux

He reviews old clips, all the way since the mid-90s, when “the world was a different place”. He recontacts some of his most famous subjects from Weird Weekends and catches up on how their life has progressed since the filming. He also includes lots of unseen footage and home movie videos showing how the show and the world have evolved through the decades. 

The BBC has not published an official release date yet, but Louis Theroux seems promising in his passion for this new project. He mentions how surprising it was to see the revelation of new themes that appear revisiting his past works, which come with the new pair of eyes we have today.

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