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5 Netflix Series Most At Risk Of Cancellation In 2023

Lockwood & Co.
Image Source: Netflix

Now that 2022 has passed, a brand-new year of Netflix series is about to begin. Some of the top and new Netflix programs return with the start of a new year. But regrettably, some fans may find the start of the year disappointing.

1. Lockwood & Co.

In recent months, Netflix has received criticism for discontinuing popular series for unexplained reasons, most of which have to do with viewership. Considering everything, the show Lockwood & Co. is now at risk of being canceled; however, it may yet be renewed.

2. God’s Favourite Idiot 

This show may be the next in a long line of Netflix programs (comedies in particular) to be suddenly and quietly canceled. Falcone and McCarthy should finish telling the story, but there is little demand for God’s Favourite Idiot part 2.

3. Uncoupled 

It is pretty surprising that Uncoupled might be cancelled. The Netflix original should have entered the top 10 list in its first three days of availability. With 26.52 million hours, it did, however, enter the list in its second week, but by the second week, the program had disappeared from the list. 

4. Rebelde

Unfortunately, Rebelde will not return for a third season if you’re a fan of the teen drama. Sadly, Netflix might not officially announce its discontinuation. It will instead be one of many Netflix series that are silently cancelled.

5. Russian Doll

The second season premiered on April 20, 2022, but failed to crack the top ten internationally. Additionally, several months have passed since the second season’s premiere, and Netflix has yet to reveal a renewal. It will be one of several Netflix series that are quietly cancelled.

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