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2020’s Top Docuseries Released So Far

These are the top documentaries of 2020 thus far that are getting a lot of attention.

Credit: Netflix

The documentary has for the most part been reserved for the science and murder mysteries, but recently it has been dedicated to other areas of interest.

As you may know, the age of the docuseries is upon us. Instead of watching one 8 hour show, viewers have been gifted with a less obnoxious way of receiving information. Some people choose to create them and others like to binge. There is a lot of information from subjects that are more compelling that people want to see.

Because there are so many docuseries that have been aired, they have been narrowed down to the best ones thus far for the year 2020.

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Clip via Youtube

7. Miss Americana

Air Date: January 31

Director(s): Lana Wilson

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest female artists whose public image has been tightly controlled since the singer’s first debut when she was a teenager. In this documentary, Swift opens up about her experience as a young woman in the music industry as well as her songwriting and battle with an eating disorder.

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