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13 Actors That Hollywood Will Not Hire Anymore

What happens when your name isn’t up in lights?

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There are many different reasons why actors don’t seem to be cast in Hollywood anymore. From box-office duds to bad behaviour, serious allegations and to the end of 5-minute fame. These are some actors and the reasons we don’t see them on the big screen anymore.

You can often split up the reason’s actors don’t get cast anymore into these categories:

  • They are too difficult to work with on set,
  • They have had serious misconduct allegations made against them,
  • Their acting ability is too limited for a variety of roles.

Too difficult to work with on set:


Lindsay Lohan

Through being in out of court and rehab, it’s not a stretch too far to realise Lohan might be a bit hard to work with. It has been reported that she causes chaos on sets. With big diva demands and outbursts aimed at the crew, we can see why Hollywood casting maybe avoiding Lindsay.


Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was getting paid $1 million per episode in the height of his show Two and a Half Men. However,  he angered the producers, true Joey-from-Friends-style, after he did an interview claiming he was too big of a star for his “small pay-packet”. Well, we can tell you, after he was fired, he isn’t making anywhere near $1 million per episode of anything.

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